Guide to National Company Law Tribunal And Appellate Tribunal (Hard Bound)

Guide to National Company Law Tribunal And Appellate Tribunal (Hard Bound)

Guide to National Company Law Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal (Hard Bound)

NCLT that has picked up worthiness over some stretch of time over company law board. The Company Law Board was an autonomous quasi-judicial body in India which had forces to disregard the conduct of organisations inside the Company Law. Gradually powers of High Court under the Companies Act 2013 relating to reduction of share capital, winding-up and compromise or arrangement would get transferred to NCLT under specific directions issued by the MCA. The Company Law Board is prevailing over by the National Company Law Tribunal, which represents all organisations under the Companies Act.


 It is very important to know the role of the Nation company law tribunal under the companies Act. Basic, applied, qualitative, quantitative and other significance of research. While arrangements identifying with the examination of an organisation’s records, frigid of advantages, class activity suits, transformation of an open organisation to a privately owned business will now be administered by the NCLT, and request consequently would be before NCLAT rather than High Court, those identifying with trade off, amalgamation and capital diminishment will keep on being under the domain of the High Courts. The matters relating to compromise, amalgamation and capital reduction will continue to be under the purview of the High Courts. Hence my article all over compares the NCLT with company law board that it is the single window for all the disputes in the corporate governance.


To study the history and establishment of NCLT. 

To study the powers and functions of NCLT.

To study the intervention of NCLT in matters if corporate governance.


 National company law tribunal will reduce the multiplicity of litigations before different forums and court.


On June 01, 2016, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) distributed a notice in regards to the constitution of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) with impact from the June 01, 2016. The constitution of the previously mentioned Tribunals is in exercise of the forces presented by Sections 408 and 410 individually of the new Companies Act, 2013. The setting up of the NCLT as a specialised institution for corporate justice is based on the recommendations of the Justice Committee, a committee set up to examine the existing law relating to winding up proceedings of companies in order to re-model it in line with the latest developments and innovations in the corporate law and governance and to suggest reforms in the procedure at various stages followed in the insolvency proceedings of companies to avoid unnecessary delays in tune with the international practice in this field.

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